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The website seeks to provide a comprehensive overview of Buddhist meditation.

“Learning to meditate is the greatest gift you can give yourself in this life. For it is only through meditation that you can undertake the journey to discover your true nature, and so find the stability and confidence you will need to live, and die, well. Meditation is the road to enlightenment.” (Sogyal Rinpoche, Glimpse after Glimpse: Daily Reflections on Living and Dying, New York: HarperCollins Publishers, 1995.)

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Personal Background

Four Immeasurable Emotions





The Essential Nature of Mind

Continuing from the delightful little book I have on my shelves . . . . “In Tibetan we call the essential nature of mind Rigpa—primordial, pure, pristine awareness that is at once intelligent, cognizant, radiant, and always awake. This nature of mind, its innermost essence, is absolutely and always untouched by change or death. At present it is hidden within our own mind, our sem, enveloped and obscured by the mental scurry of our thoughts and emotions. Just as clouds can be shifted by a strong gust of wind to reveal the shining sun and wide-open sky, so, under certain circumstances, some inspiration may uncover for us glimpses of this nature of mind. These glimpses have many depths and degrees, but each of them will bring some light of understanding, meaning and freedom. This is because the nature of mind is the very root itself of understanding.” (From Rinpoche, Sogyal, Glimpse After Glimpse: Daily Reflections on Living and Dying, 1995.)


May any karmic fruitfulness generated through this website dealing with Buddhist Meditation and Psychology be for the benefit of my dedicated instructors, my dear parents, wife, and indeed all sentient beings, especially the countless people who have lovingly served me in this life.


Header Image: Picture by Moyan Brenn on Flickr (https://www.flickr.com/photos/aigle_dore/7912377858/)
Meditation in front of the beautiful scenery of the Rose Valley close to Cavusin and Goreme in Cappadocia in the heart of Turkey.

Buddha image: Photo taken at Chung Tian Temple at Priestdale, Queensland, Australia. http://www.chungtian.org.au/